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Al Bannai Debt Collection & Recovery Bureau, established in 1996, is one of the best and the first Debt Collection Service providers in UAE, and within the years of continues expertise, we are proud to be one of the very successful debt collection firms in U.A.E.

Our experienced and well-trained staff provide collection and litigation services to recover & collect bad debts and outstanding commercial, consumer, medical, insurance and other dues, anywhere within UAE.

We are dedicated in providing the highest level of representation and service at a world class quality. We serve you on the Term of ” No Win No Fee” basis and provide consultation & assessment (at a fixed charge), offering (if found) necessary variations of methods used in our practice, with respect to UAE Laws and International Legislative regulations.

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We will continue to be the industry leader by embracing change, fostering creativity and innovation, delivering results that exceed client expectations and providing a first-class debt recovery service in UAE.


We exist to help people to secure the payment of their debts without damaging goodwill or their trading relationships through our well experienced staff and professional negotiation.


  • Integrity: Do the right thing
    • Be honest and respectful to clients, consumers, suppliers and each other
  • Accountability: Do what we say
    • Focus on results
    • Communicate openly
  • Professionalism: Do things right
    • Value training and education
    • Be industry experts and leaders
    • Be passionate and determined


Granting credit carries an unavoidable element of risk. You will have some losses regardless of how closely you screen applicants. While extending credit increases your gross sale, it also puts your business at risk of some losses due to none payments.We, at Al Bannai Debt Collection & Recovery Bureau handle all professional collection services and represent your organization in a responsible and highly professional manner.We provide a satisfactory rate on recovering your lost finances while maintaining your public image. By using our professional services, you will save time, money and effort. Thus, leaving you to concentrate on your core business while we recover your debts on your behalf.